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Empowering our villages for a self sustainable Livelihood!

At Samaveta Village Labz we sense a desperate need of self sustainable livelihood for the farmers who sweat day in and day out to produce food that we eat. In the growing age of technology and the current conditions of our farmers, it is need of the hour for us to take responsibility to bridge the gap with a business model and support them by educating, training and empowering them to have an eco-system of sustainable growth in their own villages.

Samaveta Village Labz provide following services to the farmers who associate with us and support them in find multiple ways of earning a sustainable living.

Bee-Keeping Training

At Samaveta Village Labz, we identify farmers who can potentially become our associates, we train them on various skill sets and help them source bee-keeping boxes. These farmers go through ten days workshop with bee-keeping experts and learn various ways of understanding bees, maintaining boxes, extraction of honey, safety measures, handling the extracts, etc. We also help them with marketing, sales and business development support.

Retail Outlets

For majority of home home needs, authentic quality products and essential needs, villagers are forced to travel far away. Samaveta bridges this gap by encouraging associate entrepreneurs to establish retail outlets through which we intend to ensure supplies of all home essentials with authenticity and top quality products at affordable cost. The end-to-end operations of these retail outlets come under the eco-system our mobile application which makes it hassle free for retailers to manage their shops.

Essential Services

The retail outlets will also render more than 25 different services, all under one roof. Very essential services for the villagers which otherwise require them to travel very far distance for every small requirement will be made available next door. Essential services at our retail outlets include government schemes applications, Insurance, PAN Card, Health Card, Aadhar, Money Transfers, Aadhar Pay, Recharge, etc.

Mobile Based Technology

Samaveta Village Labz have invested a lot of time, money, effort and interest in bridging ease of doing business and authenticity. To keep it simple yet cover every aspect of our business model we have built a mobile based ERP system which will help entrepreneurs run the retail store with ease, track operations, manage supply chain activities, manage inventory and also act as a point of sale on the go! We also ensure contacts to emergency services are also covered in the eco-system of our application.

Health and Wellness

A good health is not just an absence of disease. It is about overall wellness of an individual which help them live life at their best. Samaveta Village Labz is focused on uplifting the overall wellness of rural villages with regular medical camps, lifestyle awareness programs, awareness on food, awareness programs on hygiene, Stress management programs, de-addiction programs, etc. With these initiatives we intend to transform the mindset of our farmers and youths for a better tomorrow.

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