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Aggregating goodness from rural villages of India

In today’s world, finding an authentic source of food with consistency in quality and supplies are hard to find. Even if found, it proves to be expensive due to various supply chain and technical reasons.

Samaveta Village Labz vision and business goals aligns with fulfilling the desperate need of availability of authentic products in the market at affordable prices and consistency in quality. While we work very closely with farmers at a grass root level, we train them on various areas to ensure the produces that we cater to urban population are very authentic and there is consistency in quality. 

A2 Milk at it’s purest best!


Authentic taste of sweetness 

Fruits & Vegetables

Redefining Healthy Foods

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For a world without waste

Click on each of our product to know all about the process involved, steps it goes through and benefits of each of our product that reaches you. In our mission to aggregate goodness of rural villages to the urban world, we believe in helping our stakeholders understand the value addition of each of our product to your life and lives in our villages.


Samaveta Village Labz work at a grass root level, with farmers and farmer families. We work on overall development of farmer families. We mentor them and assist them with tools and various skills and ensure they maintain consistency in quality of their produces.

If your requirement is continues and bulk in quantity, we get it grown by our network of farmers exclusively for your requirements. With assistance of our mobile based application we determine the timelines and quantity of supplies. 

We aim to cater authentic and top quality products from rural villages to larger section of of urban population. Since we directly work with farmers, our cost remains unmatched!

We invite wholesalers, distributors, entrepreneurs and retailers to associate with us and find a multidimensional growth financially and socially by spreading goodness. 

Yes! We do supply for your individual requirements. We may cater through our channel partners or we may directly supply at your door steps depending the number of orders in your locality.

Yes, we do supply for industrial and commercial requirements. For example, if you are a hotel or a pharmaceutical company and have bulk requirement of any of our product, we would be happy to understand more about your requirement.

Interested to associate with us in spreading goodness?